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Payment Problems

All payments are taken via PayPal as an external payment processing provider. They have a very secure payment process that protects both the buyer and seller from potential problems.  

One of the key reasons that we use PayPal is that they have a ‘fail safe’ approach to processing payments.  This means that if for any reason there is a problem with the payment, or they suspect that there is a potential problem, the payment will not be sent to us and the order will not come through.  

If you are experiencing problems with PayPal, there are several common reasons for this that can easily be rectified.  All of these come from PayPal’s security measures and are designed to combat fraudulent payments being made online.  Below is a list of the common problems, and how to rectify them, which should allow you to make your payment.  If you continue to have problems, the easiest solution may be to ask a friend to make the payment on your behalf and you can then arrange with them to get the money to them. If you still have problems, then just print off your Paypal shopping cart and send it to us with a cheque made payable to Phoenix Photography (the address to send it to is in the "Contact Us" section.

Common problems with payment include :-

  • Incorrect Billing Address : – This is the cause of the majority of problems, and is when the address that you put into PayPal does not match the one for the billing address for the card that you are using.  As an anti-fraud measure PayPal will not accept orders to any address other than the billing address (otherwise if your card was stolen items could be purchased online and delivered to a different address without your knowledge).  If your credit or debit card is registered to your home address (i.e. that is where the bills or statements go to), then you need to put that address into PayPal, and not your Durham address.  You should only use your Durham address if you have changed the billing address with the bank and now receive the bills there. You should be able to change the delivery address from your billing address, but Paypal doesn't make it obvious to do this - if you have problems changing the address, send me a quick email after you've placed your order, and I'll change the address for you (email me at
  • Paypal account information not current : – This is where you have a PayPal account and have either changed your bank, or more commonly been issued with a new card by your bank, but have not updated the information on PayPal.  When PayPal then tries to access your card to get payment the information is not valid, so they can’t collect the money and will then reject the payment.  To avoid this you simply need to log into your PayPal account and update the information on your account details.
  • Overseas Bank Account : – If you have an overseas bank account there is a higher chance that PayPal again will reject the payment.  This is because, again as an anti-fraud measure, they view all payments made in one country but using a card that is issued from a bank in another country as more likely to be fraudulent.  Payments from banks in European countries should be no problem, but any from Africa, the Middle East or the Far East could cause problems.  The only suggestion here is to ensure that the billing address is correct, even though this will be in an overseas country.  If you still experience problems then the only solution is to ask a friend who does have a card that works to make the payment for you, or get in touch with us directly and we can arrange payment by some other means. If delivery is to Durham we can arrange to meet in person to deliver your photos and collect payment in cash (if necessary) at the same time..
  • Paypal asks you to set up an account: – If you have made 3 payments with PayPal (with any seller, not just us) on the same card then PayPal asks you to set up an account with them.  This is again an anti-fraud measure and is purely so that you can verify your address and contact details to ensure you are the genuine user of the card.  To set a PayPal account up is free, and takes only a few minutes.  You do not have to give any other financial information, or your bank account details, or transfer money into a PayPal account (unless you want to) but they will run a check to verify that you are the account holder and are authorized to use the card before they will allow you to proceed.

IF YOU CONTINUE TO HAVE PROBLEMS and none of the above work - you may have been temporarily locked out from using that card.  This is again an anti-fraud measure to prevent your details being put in many times in order to try and find the correct information (i.e. if your card is stolen and a program is used to try to generate the password by trying different combinations over and over again).  If this happens, there is normally a 24 hour reset period, after which you can try again. If you are having problems, please send me an email and we can sort out an alternative means of ordering.


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