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Selfie Pod & Hashtag Print Station

Studio photos and the Photobooth will always be a popular part of every event, however with an increasing demand for photos to be taken by a wandering photographer at events and for these to be made available on Social Media, we introduced the Hashtag Printer a few years ago. We have since developed and greatly improved this ent - with the introduction of a camera there is now no need for guests to have Instagram/Twitter, they can alternatively let the print station take a photo for them, but it does so much more than that! Please read on and watch the short demo video below ...

This exciting new ent for 2019 is a fantastic complement to the Photobooth at larger events, or it can be the perfect standalone ent at smaller events, and ideal at College Days. All printouts are uploaded to Flickr/Facebook where the files can be viewed / downloaded for free and then displayed on a College or Society Facebook page - a great way to advertise events in the future.

Please watch this short video to see the Selfie Pod/Hashtag Printer is action!

How the Hashtag Printer Works

The principle behind the Hashtag Printing station is that guests take photos on their own phones, upload them to Instagram / Twitter giving the photo the unique hashtag for that event, and the photos are then automatically downloaded and displayed on the Hashtag Printer Station within minutes.  Touching any of the displayed thumbnails enlarges it to full screen size where the photo can be printed, or emailed. Printouts are always bespoke and designed to fit in with any theme. If the Photobooth is also booked at an event the printouts from both ents are designed to complement each other, so all mementos that people take away with them are consistent with the theme. 

Benefits of the Hashtag Printer ...

  • Turn every guest at an event into a wandering photographer
  • Unique bespoke printout designs, themed to the event, and that can also tie in with any Photobooth printouts - a few example designs are shown here on the right
  • Unlimited prints during the hire period
  • Provides guests with a totally personal memento from the event using their own / their friends photos
  • All photos will be available for free download the following day - a great way to advertise / promote your event in the future
  • Combining the Hashtag printer with a Selfie Pod (please see below!) opens the ent up to everyone, not just thoses using Social Media
Examples of themed Hashtag printouts

The Selfie Pod

New for 2019 - a camera is now fitted in the Hashtag printer so if guests don't have or don't wish to use Instagram/Twitter to upload their own photos, they can switch the print station to "Selfie Pod" mode by pressing the RED BUTTON and allow "Pod" to take a Selfie for them. It's far more than just a camera - it provides fun interaction for guests with themed digital props, interactive videos, photo filters, picture signing, option of adding a personal touch to photos with "stamps" / props. Photos created by the Selfie Pod can then be printed on the Hashtag Printer alongside photos uploaded by guests using Instagram / Twitter. All these photos will be uploaded to Facebook and can be downloaded for free!

Steps to using the Selfie Pod


Animated Gifs

Another great feature is the option for guests to let "Pod" take a series of photos which are then combined to create an animated Gif, like these examples below. The guest can also print the first photo taken out of the seies on the Hashtag Printer, and they can email the animated gif to themselves as well. Another option is to give guests a choice of overlays which can be themed to an event, for example - your guests can find themselves in a snow globe with falling snow, or under the sea with fish swimming past. The possibilities are endless!

Example animated Gif
Example animated gif
Example animated gif


How to book the Hashtag Printer

For more information on pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or email - please provide as much information about the event as possible, such as the location, and the number of people attending the event. We can also offer discounts if you decide to book the Photobooth and the Seflie Pod & Hashtag printer at the same event,

Once you decide that you would like to book the Selfie Pod & Hashtag printer, we will require a deposit to confirm the booking.

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