St Aidan's College Summer Ball 2018

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Please Note :- The images shown on this site have been reduced in size and quality to minimise the download times - they do not reflect the quality of the photographs.

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Images 001-022 are the studio photos pre-first meal sitting
Images 023-173 are the "table" photos & wandering photos
Images 174 - 601 are the studio photos
Images 602-1165 are the individual Photobooth photos
Images pb01-pb138 are the Photobooth printouts

Please click on the images / links above to view the photos from St Aidan's Ball - 35 images are displayed on each index page. Just click on any of the thumbnails to view them enlarged. The photos be ordered securely on-line using your credit / debit card.

The studio, "wandering" & Photobooth images printed as 8"x6" photos cost just £3.50 each (or £4 in a fold over presentation mount). They are also available as 10"x8" photos (without mounts) for £6 each. Digital files of individual photos may also be purchased. The survivors photograph is 12" x 8" in size, and costs £5. The Photobooth Printouts are also available as 6"x4" prints and these cost £3.

Photos ordered on-line from this website using your credit card / debit (Switch) card will be posted / delivered to you within 2-3 working days (pp £1.50)

Photo Products

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